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urban_nirvana [userpic]
...and it was all a lie.
by urban_nirvana (urban_nirvana)
at March 18th, 2006 (03:25 am)

well crackwhores....

ive re-entered my natural domain!

i feel very fucked up and oh-so ready to return to my crackwhore roots.

had some good practice tonite.

yeah, im a little fucked up right now. forgive this seemingly meaningless post.


...back with a motherfucking vengeance.

MaLinda [userpic]
by MaLinda (dodgy_hoodoo)
at March 7th, 2006 (01:03 am)

ok everyone lets welcome our third and fourth members!

hi neici!!!

lets all give nieci_05 and sleeplessshadow a big welcome!

urban_nirvana [userpic]
by urban_nirvana (urban_nirvana)
at March 7th, 2006 (12:44 am)

Hey fuckers.

Mindy had this idea to create a community for our little club.

A while back, I dubbed our little group at the time, The Crack Hoe Brigade.

Now it is official.

We shall be posting stories, drawings, rants of us crack hoes, and anything else we goddamn feel like posting.

Until then,


MaLinda [userpic]
by MaLinda (dodgy_hoodoo)
at March 7th, 2006 (12:40 am)

seasons greetings, fuckers and welcome!

-smutt puppy

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