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We are the crack hoe brigade!

now fuck off

The Home of The Crack Whore Brigade
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All Members , Moderated
This is the lj community for The T.C.W.B aka Lindsey Gordons "Crack Whore Brigade". This is an open community to anyone. However do not bring your bullshit, your drama, or your web cam. We welcome anyone and everyone 18 and over. Share your stories, pics, and lessons learned! Put all pics behind a cut, if its not work safe put it behind a cut. Other than that, let your freak flag fly!

your moderator's are dodgy_hoodoo and urban_nirvana so we really dont care what you do.

However there is one rule we firmly stand by:
You WILL treat each and every member with courtesy and respect.

This isn't high school folks. If you got a problem with someone, do NOT bring it here or your gone.